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International law matters

We are living in a world composed of various independent States with their own history, culture and law.
Despite this infinite variety, we form a unique human society and every human society needs law.

International law already exists, but there is something wrong: it is not fully effective. We believe this is a problem of accessibility.

Jus Mundi is our solution to this problem. We want to make international law accessible to all lawyers in the world.

Jus Mundi is collecting, formatting and connecting:


International cases

Domestic cases

Because we believe that lawyers should be able to make research in their own language, we are building a multilingual search engine for international law.

Search in various languages

Find legal documents in every language

See legal concepts in your own language

This is not only artificial intelligence, this is human intelligence connected by technology

The search engine of Jus Mundi is made with the latest intelligent technologies. However, we believe that no machine can fully understand every subtlety behind legal concepts, especially when these legal concepts come from different legal systems with different languages. Only humans can do that with a perfect accuracy.

Jus Mundi is a collaborative network

Share legal

Identify legal
concepts and references

Connect them

Collaborators will have visibility on our network, the possibility to comment on documents and free access to our services.

Jus Mundi will be available soon

You will get an early access to the beta and the possibility to build Jus Mundi with us.

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About us

We are a team of geeks, in Paris and Sofia,
and international lawyers, all around the world.

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