Investment Law and Arbitration

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All international law and investment arbitration sources in one click

Treaties (BITs, FTAs, Regional and Sectorial Investment Agreements, General Multilateral Treaties, …)
International and Investment Case Law (ICSID, UNCITRAL, SCC, ICJ, …)
Rules of Arbitration, ILC Draft Articles, IBA Guidelines, …

Only relevant and specific search results

In international law and investment arbitration, famous references are known by everybody and can be found in any legal database.
But what if the sources we need for our case or research are not part of these well-known references?
Here starts the difficulty and the hours spent reading irrelevant awards and articles.

Jus Mundi search engine brings you only relevant and specific extracts in all relevant documents!

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Search with pleasure

Enjoy the simplicity of an interface made by lawyers for lawyers

We know how it is painful to spend most of your research time using a complicated database or reading bad quality PDFs.
We have made it simpler to save your time:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Text extracted and correctly displayed
  • Links to legal references implemented directly in the text of the document

Experience research assisted by a powerful technology

Traditional legal databases have the trusted legal data and yet, most of international lawyers and academics declare using Google as a main tool for their research!
We are building Jus Mundi to be the best of both worlds: trusted legal data with a powerful searching technology:

  • Correction of any spelling mistakes
  • Translation of your request in others languages
  • Advanced filters

Jus Mundi will be available soon

You will get an early access to the beta and the possibility to build Jus Mundi with us.

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