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A Smart Way to Research an Arbitrator

Jus Mundi helps you to conduct an efficient and effective arbitrator search to respond to the needs of your case.

* Number of awards, judgments, opinions, orders, etc. rendered by a Court/Tribunal in which this arbitrator/judge has sat.

list avantage arbitrator Quickly identify cases in which a particular arbitrator sat

list avantage arbitrator Research potential conflicts

list avantage arbitrator Review legal reasoning of the arbitrators on the issues relevant to your case

Arbitrator result Arbitrator selected
Arbitrator result

Jus Mundi provides easy access to detailed arbitrator and counsel data in international cases. As such, it helps increase transparency in international arbitration in general and in the appointment of arbitrators in particular.

Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler,
Partner, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler
Gabrielle Kaufmann-kohler

A Powerful Multilingual Search Engine

Traditional search engines overlook at least 20% of legal references!

explain extract 1 1 explain extract 2 2 explain extract 3 3 Powerful search engine screen
Powerful search engine screen

1. Thousands of awards have been converted from poor quality PDFs to high-quality text-searchable documents so that you never overlook an important holding.

Example pdf bad quality Search in pdf with CTRL+F
Example pdf bad quality

2. Jus Mundi's artificial intelligence has been "taught" by a team of international lawyers to identify the most relevant portions of the documents responsive to your search, beyond your keywords.

3. Set the search criteria in English or French, review the responsive results in any language.

A New Intelligent Way of Doing Comprehensive International Law Research

Quickly find relevant paragraphs of arbitral awards and judgments using keywords and intuitive connectors.

Expediently review relevant portions of each award and judgment paragraph by paragraph.

Lost in quotation? Jus Mundi is of great help and will reduce your time in finding the right one both in public international law and investment arbitration.

Allain Pellet Alain Pellet,
Counsel in more than 60 cases before the ICJ

New Intelligent Way jusmundi search New Intelligent Way jusmundi extract 1 New Intelligent Way jusmundi extract 2 New Intelligent Way jusmundi
New Intelligent Way jusmundi

Spend less on researching old cases and focus on winning new ones!

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