About Us

Jus Mundi strives to make international law and arbitration more transparent and accessible.

We use artificial and collaborative intelligence to collect and structure global legal data.

By combining law and technology, we empower lawyers worldwide to
conduct comprehensive international legal research efficiently.

How we work

Our values

Open Law

Law is a public good. It should not be theoretically available but easily accessible in reality. We ensure an open and free access to international law through the light version of our search engine.


We are non-partisan and we treat all legal data equally, gradually making all international law accessible to every lawyer worldwide.


Language diversity is a treasure that we seek to preserve. Our multilingual technology enables us to retain each document’s original language, while enabling our users to search in one of the commonly spoken languages.

Design Thinking

A well-developed design is the key to Accessibility. By making our search engine ergonomic and intuitive, we save the most precious resource for our users – their time.

Collaborative Artificial Intelligence

Human expertise is the basis of any artificial intelligence. We teach our search engine international law concepts in collaboration with international lawyers worldwide.


International legal research often involves sensitive political cultural legal and, business issues. By default, we do not keep any personal records of our users’ activity on Jus Mundi.

Our team

akshita gheewala

Akshita Gheewala
Data Scientist

Andrew Willcocks

Dr. Andrew Willcocks
Director of International Trade & Partnerships

arjun prakash

Arjun Prakash
Key Account Executive

aurélien duval

Aurélien Duval

dmytro koba

Dmytro Koba
International Business Developer

gregoire brondel

Grégoire Brondel
Developer/Growth Hacker

helene rabault

Hélène Rabault
Product Manager

jeanne delaty

Jeanne Delaty
Officer Manager

jean-rémi de maistre

Jean-Rémi de Maistre

jeremy batilliot

Jérémy Batilliot
Back-end Developer

jessica alves

Jessica Alves
Key Account Manager

johnny mikhael

Johnny Mikhael
Senior Full-stack Developer

julia zeidan

Julia Zeidan
Legal Officer

lauraine de thiersant

Lauraine de Thiersant
Head of Sales


Léa Chlapowski
Sales Development Representative

luciana collinet

Luciana Collinet
Head of Care

mariia zalmanova

Mariia Zalmanova
Legal Business Developer

Marie Hélène Ludwig

Marie-Hélène Ludwig
Head of Legal Content

nicole kim

Nicole Kim
Legal Officer

paul bourguignon

Paul Bourguignon
Full-stack Developer

paul briton

Paul Briton
Data Engineer

sneha ashtikar

Sneha Ashtikar
Head of Marketing

thien nhat van

Thien Nhat Van
Data Scientist

thomas latterner

Thomas Latterner

valentin brondel

Valentin Brondel

xiangshan guo

Xiangshan GUO
Legal Officer

yohan daddou

Yohan Daddou
IT Manager