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Finding the appropriate legal information and professionals worldwide is challenging. Jus Mundi makes it easy.

Our Vision

Building the Global Rule of Law Is Everyone’s Responsibility


Facilitating Access to Global Legal Resources

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Global Sources of Legal Information

Our unique legal content is gathered from three key sources:

AI & Legal Expertise

We interconnect legal sources, documents, and professionals from all over the world.

Our team is a unique combination of leading legal experts and artificial intelligence (natural language processing) engineers.

Open Access

As part of our mission, every document on Jus Mundi is made available for everyone.

You don’t even need an account to access it! Only our premium tools require a paid subscription.

Cutting-Edge Technology & User-Friendly Interface

Combining legal information with the latest technology is what we do.

Our user-friendly interface helps global lawyers to find information seamlessly.

Our Team

Vision Is Nothing Without a Team to Carry It

Our team has friendly people from diverse backgrounds who are committed and strive to be the best!

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You will live your best life while working at Jus Mundi. We work hard, and we play hard! The impact of our work is meaningful. If you would like to have a career in which you are making a real impact, join us.