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WTO (World Trade Organization): 8813
GATT (pre-WTO): 176
GATT (1994): 7682
Anti-Dumping Agreement (ADA) (1994): 2175
SCM Agreement (1994): 1933
Agreement on Agriculture (1994): 1721
WTO Agreement (1994): 1580
TBT Agreement (1994): 1194
SPS Agreement (1994): 984
TRIPS Agreement (1994): 869
Safeguards Agreement (SA) (1994): 818
Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs) (1994): 793
ILP Agreement (1994): 761
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) (1994): 421
GATT (1947): 347
Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU) (1994): 281
Customs Valuation Agreement (CVA) (1994): 211
Preshipment Inspection Agreement (1994): 178
Agreement on Rules of Origin (ARO) (1994): 162
Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) (1994): 128
Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (1979): 39
Anti-Dumping Code (1979): 33
Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) (1994): 30
Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) (2014): 16
Tokyo Round Code on Import Licensing Procedures (1979): 4
Government Procurement Code (1979): 4
Tokyo Round Standards Code (1979): 3
Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft (1979): 2
PIL & Law of the Sea: 23906
Investment Arbitration: 8473
Commercial Arbitration: 13989
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Camilla Gambarini – Senior Associate at Withers
International law is not just relevant but critical for the modern world. Jus Mundi has a very important function to perform in creating awareness and upholding the international rule of law through access to legal resources.
Dr. Aniruddha Rajput – Member of the UN International Law Commission

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CiteMap and Interactive Documents Pinpoint the latest jurisprudence to determine if the report was criticized or supported by another panel. CiteMap for treaties pinpoints the precise paragraphs of the decisions citing the treaty article. Interactive links and footnotes in the panel reports.

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United States — Measures Concerning the Importation,Marketing, and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products (II) - Report of the Appellate Body, 16 May 2012


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Conduct legal research that actually brings value Find WTO decisions cited by ICSID, PCA, IUSCT, ad hoc arbitration tribunals, and vice-versa.

WTO jurisprudence cited by other tribunals:
United States — Import Prohibition of CertainShrimp and Shrimp Products, Report of theAppellate Body, 12 October 1998


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Jus Mundi is a special & innovative platform that provides smooth access to arbitrator, counsel & arbitration data in investment cases. It is time-effective & easy to navigate through. Jus Mundi helps to gather substantive knowledge on specific topics, such as transparency, conflict of interest & issues of law. Also, in the blink of an eye, one can easily identify & locate the most relevant case law. As such, it is a valuable tool to build the strategy & win the case.
Marcin Kaldunski – Deputy Director & Counsel at the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland
Jus Mundi is an indispensable tool to meet the needs of our clients! It is cost-effective and gives us access to key information to build the winning strategy.
Eduardo Silva-Romero – Co-Chair of Dechert’s International Arbitration global practice
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Jus Mundi is unique! A powerful and intuitive multifunctional search engine, whose scope bridges general international law with investment and commercial arbitration, it makes room to other languages than English, making available material which is too often left out. An indispensable tool for all those, academics as well as practitioners, working with international procedural law issues.
Hélène Ruiz Fabri – Professor and Director of Max Planck Institute Luxembourg
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