Macao SAR China

Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China


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Adoption date Name Status Type
2015-11-28 Signed Treaty
2008-05-22 In force Treaty
2003-10-17 In force Treaty
2000-05-17 In force Treaty
1992-06-15 In force Treaty
1947-10-30 Replaced Treaty
1994-04-15 In force Treaty
1994-04-15 Signed Treaty
1948-03-24 Signed Treaty
2014-11-27 In force Treaty
1979-04-12 In force Treaty
1924-08-25 In force Treaty
1910-09-23 In force Treaty
1952-05-10 In force Treaty
1952-05-10 In force Treaty
1910-09-23 In force Treaty

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