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Decision on Arbitrators Challenge and Advance on Costs

Dear Mesdames and Sirs,

At its session of 17 December 2020, the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce ("Court"):

1. decided that the challenge filed against all the members of the arbitral tribunal is admissible (Article 14(3));

2. rejected the challenge on the merits (Article 14(3));

3. decided to communicate the reasons for the decision on the challenge submitted by Claimants (Article 11(4));

4. readjusted the advance on costs from US$ 4 000 000 to US$ 4 210 000, subject to later readjustments (Article 36(5)); and

5. approved the draft on the application under Article 35 submitted by the arbitral tribunal (Article 35).


The Secretariat will communicate the Court's reasons on the challenge once they have been finalised.

Advance on costs

The Court readjusted the advance on costs to ensure an adequate remuneration for the arbitral tribunal considering the expenses incurred and to be incurred (Article 36).
We enclose the Financial Table and Payment Requests that indicate the amounts to be paid by the parties and when such payments are due.

Article 35

The Secretariat will notify the decision on the application under Article 35 to the parties once it has been finalised and signed by the arbitral tribunal.
We will revert to the parties in due course.
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