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    Correction to the Award


    On 25 July 2005, the Kingdom of Belgium submitted to the Arbitral Tribunal, in accordance with Article 24 of the Rules of Procedure for the Arbitration Regarding the Iron Rhine (“IJzeren Rijn”) Railway, a Request for Correction of the Award rendered by the Arbitral Tribunal on 24 May 2005.


    At paragraph 65 of its Award, the Tribunal stated, referring to the Belgian Reply (p. 82, paragraph 81), that “Belgium accepts that in the latter hypothesis the agreement of the Netherlands to the plan is legally necessary.” Belgium requests the Tribunal to replace the word “plan” with “works.”


    By letter dated 25 July 2005, the Netherlands was invited to comment on Belgium’s Request. The Netherlands, by letter received by the Tribunal on 15 August 2005, concurred with Belgium’s Request.


    The Tribunal finds that this Correction should be made and orders the correction of paragraph 65 of its Award, so that, in the final phrase of that paragraph, the word “plan” be replaced by “works.”

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