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    Award (Interest - Correction)


    The Arbitral Tribunal issued a partial "Award (Interest)" dated 5 April 2019 (Interest Award). In this award we use the same defined terms as were used in the First Award and Interest Award.
    By communications dated 13 May 2019 the parties advised that there were calculation errors in the Interest Award and confirmed their agreement to the correction of the Interest Award.
    By consent of the parties the Interest Award is hereby amended by deleting sub-paragraph 5(b) thereof and replacing it with the following new sub-paragraphs 5(b) and 5(c):

    (b) In addition to the amounts stated to be payable in the First Award of the total Interest Amount of CAD $6,058,467,

    i. Pelletier and Pelletier Holdings are jointly and severally liable to pay to Pacer the sum of CAD $6,058,467;

    ii. Taylor and Resman are severally liable to pay to Pacer the sum of ($6,603,501 x 39.68% =) CAD $2,620,269; and

    iii. Simpson and 592 are severally liable to pay to Pacer the sum of ($6,603,501 x 13.23% =) CAD $873,643; and

    (c) post-Award interest will continue to accrue at the rate fixed by the Alberta Judgment Interest Act, as may change from time to time, until the Sellers satisfy their respective proportionate shares of the amounts hereby awarded.

    The Arbitral Tribunal continues to expressly reserve its jurisdiction to decide all matters relating to costs.
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