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Final Award

l, THE UNDERSTGNED ARITRATOR having been designated in accordance with the arbitration agreement entered into between the above-named parties dated July 7, 2014 and having been duty sworn, and having duly heard the proofs and allegations of the parties, do hereby, AWARD, as follows:


Pursuant to the Arbitration Rules of the International centre for Dispute Resolution in conjunction with the Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association (ICDR) a Properly Noticed final Hearing was conducted via telephone conference on December 8, 2016, before me, Arbitrator James P. Chrisman. Esquire, it Nevada Arbitrator and licensed Nevada attorney residing in the State of Nevada.
Participating in the preliminary telephone conference were:

Vincenzo I a Bella lot Claimant, and
Feny O. Kelly making a special appearance for the Respondent

Mr Kelly reiterated the Respondent’s objections and position challenging the arbitrability of this claim. It was the ruling of the Arbitrator that the claim was properly arbitrable under the arbitration clause in the contract between the parties, that holding the Hearing via teleconference was proper under the Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association in conjunction with the INTERNATIONAL. CENTRE FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION under the New York convention of 1958, on the Recognition and Enforcement of foreign Arbitral Awards and that the applicable law was Nevada law under the contract between the parties. Mr. Kelly was then informed dial the Hearing would go forward as Noticed and that it would be conducted under Nevada law. Mr. Kelly refused to participate any further in the Hearing and exited the Hearing.
Claimant’s case was then presented via sworn testimony and documentary evidence that was admitted, pursuant to Nevada law, supporting all of Claimant's Claims against the Respondent in the amount of $50,000.00.


For the reasons stated above, I award as follows:

1. Within thirty (30) days From the date of transmittal of this Final Award to the parties, Sonocine Inc., hereinafter referred to as Respondent, shall pay to Traf Intercontinental Elektronik HandelsGmbH. hereinafter referred to as Claimant, the sum of $50,000.00).

2. The administrative fees and expenses of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) totaling US$2,000 00 are to be borne equally. The compensation and expenses of the Arbitrator totaling US$ 1,050.00 are to be borne equally. Therefore Sonocine Inc. has to pay Traf International Elektronik Handels GmH the amount of $1,525.00. per their contract.

3. This award is in full settlement of all claims submitted to this Arbitration.

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