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    Opinion of Howard M. Holtzmann

    In my opinion, the Tribunal does not, in principle, have jurisdiction over the claims of Iranians with dual United States nationality, either according to the Claims Settlement Declaration or pursuant to the well-established principles of international law, particularly the principle of sovereign equality, which is rightfully the applicable principle with regard to the claims of dual nationals. The action taken by the majority of the members of the Full Tribunal in Case A18, in resorting to the principle of dominant and effective nationality, constitutes, so far as the Algiers Declarations are concerned a disregard for both the letter and the spirit of those Declarations. And insofar as the principles of international law are concerned, especially the principle of the sovereign equality of States, that action is tantamount to a disregard for the fundamental principles of international law. In my opinion, just as the Iranian arbitrators have stated in their Dissenting Opinion in Case A18, reprinted in 5 Iran-U.S. C.T.R. 275-337, the Tribunal should rule that it lacks jurisdiction, and discontinue the proceedings, wherever it is confronted with a situation where, and determines that, these claimants have Iranian nationality.
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