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Procedural Order No. 1 - Revised Annex A

Revised Annex A

Procedural Calendar

Procedural Step Party/ Tribunal Filing date
Request to address objections as preliminary question (Article 10.20.4 of the US-Colombia TPA) Respondent August 24, 2020
Observations to request Claimants September 8, 2020
Procedural Order No. 1 Tribunal March 18, 2021
Memorial on Preliminary Objections Respondent 105 days July 1, 2021
Counter-Memorial on Preliminary Objections Claimant 105 days October 14, 2021
Reply on Preliminary Objections Respondent 60 days December 13, 2021
Rejoinder on Preliminary Objections Claimant 60 days February 11, 2022
Pre-hearing Conference Claimant; Respondent; Tribunal TBD
Hearing on Preliminary Objections Claimant; Respondent; Tribunal No sooner than 45 days after the last written submission May 19-20, 2022 (with May 22, 2022 in reserve)
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