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Lawyers, other representatives, expert(s), tribunal’s secretary

Order No. 3

Whereas on 17 August 2004, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago submitted an Application to the Arbitral Tribunal requesting an Order of the Tribunal for "disclosure of limited information and documentation from Barbados";

Whereas the Arbitral Tribunal, in its Order No. 2 dated 23 August 2004, invited Barbados to submit by 6 September 2004 its Response to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago's Application;

Whereas Barbados submitted its Response within the time limit laid down by the Tribunal;

Whereas the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in its letter to the Registrar dated 7 September 2004, requested a right of reply to the Response;

Whereas the Arbitral Tribunal has duly considered the abovementioned submissions;


The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago shall on or before 1 October 2004 submit a Reply to the observations of Barbados in its Response, including its position on the Tribunal's jurisdiction to grant the request for disclosure made in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago's Application;
Barbados shall on or before 15 October 2004 submit a Rejoinder on the observations of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago made in its Reply, addressing in particular those on jurisdiction.
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