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    Procedural Order No. 7 (Regarding the Revised Procedural Timetable for Further Proceedings)

    WHEREAS on 21 February 2020, the Arbitral Tribunal issued Procedural Order No 6, fixing the procedural timetable for further proceedings, following the issuance, on that same date, of an Award Concerning the Preliminary Objections of the Russian Federation;
    WHEREAS on 4 November 2020, Ukraine made an application to modify the procedural timetable to permit Ukraine to submit its Revised Memorial on or before 20 May 2021;
    WHEREAS on 11 November 2020, the Russian Federation stated that it did not object to Ukraine's application;

    1. The procedural timetable for the further proceedings is revised as follows:

    a. On or before 20 May 2021, Ukraine shall submit a revised version of its Memorial containing: a statement of any facts on which Ukraine relies; a statement of law; and the submissions of Ukraine.

    b. On or before 21 February 2022, the Russian Federation shall submit a CounterMemorial containing: any further objections to jurisdiction and/or admissibility that the Russian Federation may wish to raise; an admission or denial of any facts alleged in the Memorial and a statement of any additional facts on which the Russian Federation relies; observations concerning the statement of law in the Memorial and the Russian Federation's statement of law in answer thereto; any counter-claim; and the submissions of the Russian Federation.

    c. On or before 21 July 2022, Ukraine may submit a Reply, including a Response to any further objections to jurisdiction and/or admissibility and to any counter-claim raised by the Russian Federation.

    d. On or before 21 December 2022, the Russian Federation may submit a Rejoinder, including a Reply to any Response on jurisdiction and/or admissibility and on any counter-claim submitted by Ukraine.

    e. In the event that the Russian Federation has raised further objections to jurisdiction and/or admissibility, or in the event that counter-claims are admitted, on or before 21 March 2023, Ukraine may submit a Rejoinder to any Reply on jurisdiction and/or admissibility and on any counter-claim submitted by the Russian Federation.

    2. The procedural timetable set out in Procedural Order No 6 is amended accordingly.

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