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Lawyers, other representatives, expert(s), tribunal’s secretary


    Present : M. Guerrero, President ; Sir Cecil Hurst, VicePresident ; Count Rostworowski, MM. Fromageot, ALTAMIRA, ANZILOTTI, URRUTIA, Jhr. VAN EYSINGA, MM. Nagaoka, Cheng, Hudson, De Visscher, Erich, Judges ; M. Papazoff, Judge ad hoc.

    The Permanent Court of International Justice, composed as above,

    after deliberation,

    Having regard to Article 48 of the Statute of the Court,

    Having regard to Articles 38 and 62 of the. Rules of Court,

    Makes the following Order :

    Having regard to the Application filed with the Registry of the Court on January 26th, 1938, whereby the Belgian Government instituted proceedings before the Court against the Bulgarian Government concerning the Electricity Company of Sofia and Bulgaria ;

    Having regard to the Order of 28 March 1938, fixing the timelimits for the filing by the Parties of the Memorial and CounterMemorial in the proceedings thus instituted, but leaving the timelimits for the filing of the Reply and Rejoinder to be fixed later ;

    Having regard to the Orders of August 27th and October 22nd, 1938, extending the time-limit for the filing of the Counter-Memorial ;

    Having regard to the preliminary objection raised on November 25th, 1938, by the Bulgarian Government ;

    Whereas, in consequence of the judgment rendered this day upon the said objection, time-limits must once more be fixed for the

    future proceedings in accordance with Article 62, paragraph 5, of the Rules ;

    The Court

    fixes as follows the time-limits for the filing of the further documents of the written proceedings on the merits :

    for the Counter-Memorial of the Bulgarian Government, Tuesday, July 4th, 1939 ;

    for the Reply of the Belgian Government, Saturday, August 19th, 1939 ;

    for the Rejoinder of the Bulgarian Government, Wednesday, October 4th, 1939.

    Done at the Peace Palace, The Hague, this fourth day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine, in three copies, one of which will be deposited in the archives of the Court and the others will be transmitted to the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium and to the Government of the Kingdom of Bulgaria respectively.

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