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Procedural Order No. 4


The Tribunal refers to:

• Claimants' letter of November 23, 2016 requesting the Tribunal to fix the procedural calendar and proposing certain adjustment to the timetable included as Annex A of Procedural Order No. 1 (“Claimants' Procedural Calendar Proposal”);

• Respondent's letter of November 28, 2016 objecting to Claimants' Procedural Calendar Proposal and submitting two alternative procedural calendars (“Respondent's Procedural Calendar Option 1” and “Respondent's Procedural Calendar Option 2”).

• Claimants' letter of December 5, 2016 submitting observations to Respondent's letter of November 28, 2016 and requesting an opportunity to respond to Respondent's December 12, 2016 letter; and

• Respondent's letter of December 12, 2016 submitting observations to Claimants' letter of December 5, 2016 and objecting to Claimants' request to be given an opportunity to respond to Respondent's December 12, 2016 letter.

Having reviewed and considered the Parties' arguments in the referred communications, has decided as follows:


1. The Tribunal considers that it has been sufficiently briefed on this matter and therefore rejects Claimants's request to submit observations on Respondent's letter of Deceber 12, 2016.

2. The Tribunal adopts Respondent's Procedural Calendar Option 1 as the Procedural Calendar of this case, which is attached to this Procedural Order as Annex A.

3.Howerver, the Tribunal is mindful that delays in document production might impact upon Claimants' ability to prepare its Reply and would therefore be open to consider a prolongation of the Reply's deadline should the Claimants request it and the circumstances so require.

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