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    Order - Fixing of time-limits: Memorial and Counter-Memorial (Jurisdiction and Admissibility)

    The President of the International Court of Justice,

    Having regard to Article 48 of the Statute of the Court,

    Having regard to Articles 31 and 44 of the Rules of Court,

    Having regard to the Application filed in the Registry of the Court on 9 April1984 by the Republic of Nicaragua, instituting proceedings against the United States of America in respect of a dispute concerning responsibility for military and paramilitary activities in and against Nicaragua ;
    Having regard to the Order made by the Court on 10 May 1984, by which the Court indicated provisional measures pending the final decision in the case, and decided that the written proceedings should first be addressed to the questions of thejurisdiction of the Court to entertain the dispute and of the admissibility of the Application ;
    Having ascertained the views of the Parties,
    Fixes as follows the time-limits for the written proceedings on the questions of jurisdiction and admissibility :

    30 June 1984 for the Memorial of the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua ;

    17 August 1984 for the Counter-Mernorial of the Government of the United States of America ;

    And reserves the subsequent procedure for further decision.

    Done in English and in French, the English text being authoritative, at the Peace Palace, The Hague, this fourteenth day of May, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four, in three copies, one of whch will be placed in the archives of the Court and the others transrnitted to the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Govemment of the United States of America, respectively.

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