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Lawyers, other representatives, expert(s), tribunal’s secretary

    Procedural Order No. 4

    Order: Production and Redaction of Documents

    The Tribunal has received and considered the following submissions of the Parties:

    - Concerning the Production of Documents:

    ● The Respondent's requests for the production of documents of March 29, 2016;

    ● The Claimant's objections to Canada's requests for the production of documents of April 12, 2016;

    ● The Respondent's responses to Mobil's objections of April 22, 2016;

    ● The Parties' joint letter of May 3, 2016;

    ● The Respondent's letter of May 5, 2016;

    ● The Claimant's letter of May 12, 2016.

    - Concerning the Redaction of Documents:

    ● The Claimant's letter of April 8, 2016;

    ● The Respondent's letter of April 18, 2016;

    ● The Claimant's letter of April 26, 2016;

    ● The Respondent's letter of May 11, 2016.

    The Tribunal's decisions on the Respondent's document requests are set forth in the last column of the Redfern Schedule incorporated as Annex A to this Order.
    In accordance with the time limit established in Annex A to procedural Order No. 1, the Claimant shall produce the documents ordered by the Tribunal by June 1, 2016.
    The Claimant is not required at this stage to redact those portions of documents and witness statements containing confidential information, provided that the document or witness statement in question has been clearly marked as confidential in accordance with the requirements of Procedural Order No. 2. Should the question of publication or disclosure of any such document or witness statement arise in the future, the Claimant shall then be required to make the necessary redactions as a matter of urgency.
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