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    Letter from the Tribunal to the Parties regarding the Claimant's Request for an Award for Costs

    Dear Mesdames, dear Sirs,

    I write on behalf of the Tribunal.

    The Tribunal acknowledges receipt of the Respondent’s letter dated 6 October 2020, responding to the Claimant’s email of 24 September 2020, in which the Claimant (i) “requests that an award of costs be made to deal with Canada’s meritless motion”; and (ii) “seeks an order dismissing Canada’s motion with prejudice”.

    Having considered the Parties’ respective submissions on this matter, the Tribunal decides as follows: (i) its decision on the Claimant’s request for an award of costs shall be reserved until a later stage of these proceedings; and (ii) it makes no order as to the Claimant’s second request.

    Should you have any questions regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me at the details set forth above.

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