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Publication Date: 24 October 2022
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    A leader for change


    Some leaders have a way of defining leadership. I have known Alexis Mourre at the helm of the Arbitration Committee of the International Bar Association, and, later, as the President of the ICC Court. In these roles, at every step of the way, Alexis had a vision, which he pursued with courage and passion. His strategic thinking and integrity led him time and again to embrace audacious projects, and he would not rest until they were accomplished. Agile and innovative, Alexis never shied away from delicate and daunting initiatives and appeared to thrive on them. He pursued his goals for often much-needed reform with a sense of urgency, galvanising all around him. Many are grateful to Alexis for having fought the force of inertia and reshaped the work streams under his responsibility. He defines his goals and then makes things happen. Faithful to what appeared to be his leadership philosophy, he fought for reform leaving institutions about which he cared deeply better ready to embrace their future. He is a leader for change.

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