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Publication Date: 24 October 2022
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    Achieving gender parity at a time where parity was not in the conversation


    During his six-year tenure as President of the ICC Court, Alexis Mourre has reshaped the ICC Court into a highly efficient, transparent and effective arbitral institution that provides unparalleled dispute resolution services. His tenure will likely be remembered for his significant contributions in a number of key areas: (i) establishing a higher level of ethics for arbitrators in terms of their disclosure obligations, among other things; (ii) introducing transparency measures in relation to publishing the composition of all tribunals, and providing procedures to provide reasons for decisions on challenges or prima facie jurisdictional matters or consolidations; and (iii) improving efficiency by imposing sanctions on arbitrators who deliver late awards, and by introducing expedited arbitration rules.

    But Alexis Mourre's most remarkable contribution during his tenure, in my humble opinion, is achieving gender parity on the ICC Court. Alexis strived towards gender parity and settled for nothing less, at a time where the global conversation around gender diversity reflected, at best, the notion that ‘we need more women'. By establishing gender parity on the Court, Alexis Mourre put an end ‘to the unjustifiable male dominance in ICC arbitration', to put it in his own words. Alexis didn't stop there. He also worked towards establishing more diverse tribunals in ICC arbitrations, not only on the basis of gender but also on regional and generational bases. It would have taken many more years to achieve such goals had there not been a deliberate and persistent effort to attain them. That a man pushed for gender parity before the first woman took the helm as President of the ICC Court speaks volumes of the ICC Court as an institution, and what it stands for. It is on this leading trajectory that the new President of the ICC Court, Claudia Salomon, will undoubtedly make her mark.

    It has been an honour working alongside Alexis on the ICC Court as well as

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