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Publication Date: 24 October 2022
Language: English
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    Alexis, Italy and Francesco Pucci


    I first got to know Alexis almost 20 years ago when we sat as co-arbitrators in an ICC arbitration. That case has since been forgotten, but through this unmemorable case, we found a connection that we maintained over the years.

    My favourite memory of Alexis does not belong in the break-out room of an arbitration hearing or in the old ‘Salle 12' in the historical building of Cours Albert 1er, where the ICC Court used to meet for the plenary sessions when we were both vice-presidents of the Court. Rather, it was watching him running around on his fours with his youngest daughter, Béatrice, when she was a little girl in their beautiful Paris apartment, that captured my attention.

    Seeing Alexis in that very private moment at home gave me the true measure of the man.

    Alexis and I have common Italian roots and we both share a love for Italy and for its history, which in his case also took the form of a literary endeavour.

    Inspired by an ancestor of his Italian wife, Claudia Pucci, Alexis published a remarkable book in 2002: Francesco Pucci: Hérètique. The book recounts in the first person the story of one of Italy's most important thinkers and reformers of the 16th century. An original personality, Pucci lived in many European countries before he came back to his native Italy, only to be tortured and executed at the hands of the Inquisition.

    Beyond the family connection, I can imagine that Alexis was drawn to Pucci's story as a philosopher unbound by traditional thinking and structure. Indeed, Alexis' many interests span far beyond questions of the legitimacy of international arbitration. Perhaps now that he has entered into a new chapter of his professional life, Alexis will be able to spend more time cultivating his many passions: his family, his studies of history and his literary ambitions. That is certainly my wish for him!

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