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Publication Date: 24 October 2022
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    Alexis Mourre, vision and leadership


    I have known Alexis Mourre for many years. I have been lucky enough to have worked with him as well as to have shared many personal moments and his friendship. I recall that in one of these moments, in a conversation shortly preceding his official start as President of the ICC Court, I asked him about his plans, and what he expected to do. I was impressed by his vision for the institution and its role, though not at all surprised. I have always admired Alexis for his firm views about international arbitration and its role as a global adjudication system.

    He understood, ahead of many others, that one of the most formidable challenges that international arbitration faces is legitimacy, and that its evolution into an autonomous transnational legal order requires that the concern for such legitimacy be at the centre of those involved in the arbitral community. Not only among members and users of that community, but equally, or more importantly, to those outside it. He also understood the particular responsibility that major institutions of international arbitration have in promoting the legitimacy of the system, not only for its users but also with respect to those that have control over the normative structure that permits the functioning of international arbitration. In his own words, the hands-off and pro-arbitration policy that is manifested in the States' endorsement of the New York Convention and domestic legislation that limits judicial interference in arbitration can only be maintained if arbitration is perceived as a fair and legitimate means of resolving disputes. This in turn implies that the system needs to be capable of generating rules that ensure its transparency, predictability, and that abuses are sanctioned.

    Alexis is one of those people that has the determination and courage to transform thoughts into action and drive forward what he considers right. This was the case when in 2013 as Co-C

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