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Publication Date: 24 October 2022
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    Inspiring changes at the ICC Court and beyond


    It is a pleasure to join such a distinguished group of friends and colleagues in order to honour Alexis Mourre’s services as President of the ICC Court.

    As most of those contributing to these essays, I have known Alexis for many years and collaborated together in different circumstances and roles.

    Having worked closely with him at the IBA Arbitration Committee, the notable changes that he has inspired at the ICC Court confirm his far-reaching vision and evidence how valuable ideas and intentions can turn into practical solutions and tools to the benefit of our arbitral community.

    Alexis has always been characterised for setting very high-quality standards both for him and for those working under his supervision. Although he has proudly sustained the view that the ICC Court is the arbitral institution that provides the best service (both in the management of cases and in the scrutiny of awards), this has not stopped him from seeking further challenges and changes.

    Ethical behaviour and transparency have always been among his main concerns. While at the IBA Alexis was one of the driving forces behind the Guidelines on Party Representation and a strong voice in favour of expanding transparency and disclosure, it was at the ICC Court where he has been able to develop such ideas to the next level.

    Greater transparency on the composition of ICC tribunals, the provision of reasons of Court decisions that previously were not provided (as those concerning challenges of arbitrators or consolidation of proceedings), publication of awards, procedural orders, dissenting and concurring opinions, establishing new conflicts declarations by the arbitrators, inspiring arbitral tribunals in being more active against corruption and encouraging further disclosure of funding agreements will count only as part of the legacy that Alexis has left with the Court.

    At the same time, the introduction i

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