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Publication Date: 2022
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    Our tribute


    It is hard to imagine a better tribute to Alexis Mourre than this collection of exceptional essays. In its range of topics and diversity of authors, leaning into the most challenging issues, aspiring to inspire and innovate, and mixing academic rigor and personal reflection, this book reflects Alexis Mourre and what he brought to the ICC International Court of Arbitration. The contributors have the great privilege to say “thank you” with this volume.

    For all the many years we have known him, Alexis has always been unabashed in his passion for international arbitration. He believes in it down to his bones; it courses through his blood. He cherishes its principles, proselytizes for its acceptance, debates its detractors—and yet he always retains the clear-eyed vision to see its flaws and gaps and weaknesses, and musters the courage and insight to lead the charge to correct them.

    No matter what hat he was wearing, whenever Alexis detected a problem in the conduct or practice of international arbitration, he was among the first to call it out. And when people lamented that the problem was so intractable, so complex, so sensitive, so longstanding and ingrained that it could not be fixed, Alexis, with a Gallic shrug, said: “well, it has to be fixed.” And then, somehow, it was.

    So what great fortune it was for the entire international arbitration community that in 2015, the ICC World Council elected Alexis as President of the ICC Court. In that role, he could drive change not only for the world's most venerable, prominent and widely respected international arbitration institution, but for the entire field. His priorities—issues like diversity, transparency, expanding arbitration's reach, reducing delays in the issuance of awards—became elements of the international arbitration agenda for everyone, even well beyond the ICC Court itself.

    Alexis succeeded in his ambitious Presidency because he combined that great, agenda-setting vi

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