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Publication Date: 24 October 2022
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    To Alexis Mourre: a man for his season


    Thomas More (1478-1535), an early English colleague, has been described as a man for all seasons. I would like to refer to our immediate past ICC Court President as a man for his season (2015-2021). Alexis Mourre took the reins of the ICC Court when times called for a man who was not there to please but to do the things he thought were necessary in order to maintain the ICC Court as the leading arbitral institution in the world. And so he did: there should be less talk and more action, and preferably fast action. The organization he inherited functioned well, but he saw that the fast-moving world required some drastic and even unprecedented measures.

    Alexis listened to the users of arbitration and implemented lighter procedures for claims of lesser value to respond to the call for timeliness. Another measure was the clearly bold move to reduce fees for arbitrators in delay. And Alexis will certainly be remembered for his proactive actions to secure diversity in all its forms on the Court. Territorial expansion to Asia, South America and Africa also form part of his legacy. Permanent reform and responsiveness to the world outside became the order of the day, including the COVID-19 response.

    As in the corporate world, regular change of leadership is important and necessary and when there is the benefit of hindsight, it is often rewarding to see how new leaders build upon the corporate or institutional legacy and then add a new layer to the work of his or her predecessors. It is my impression that the transition from Alexis to Claudia Salomon will be an excellent illustration of new focal areas added to the old equation in the development of what is and the crafting of what will be. It is the sequence of such innovators with their respective areas of priority who can secure institutional readiness to adapt to necessary constant changes—all while cultivating the long heritage. I firmly believe that the ICC Court is in a very good pla

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