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UNCITRAL (The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) Arbitration Rules (2010)

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly

65/22. UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as revised in 2010

The General Assembly ,

Recalling its resolution 2205 (XXI) of 17 December 1966, which established the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law with the purpose of furthering the progressive harmonization and unification of the law of international trade in the interests of all peoples, in particular those of developing countries,

Also recalling its resolution 31/98 of 15 December 1976 recommending the use of the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law,

Recognizing the value of arbitration as a method of settling disputes that may arise in the context of international commercial relations,

Noting that the Arbitration Rules are recognized as a very successful text and are used in a wide variety of circumstances covering a broad range of disputes, including disputes between private commercial parties, investor-State disputes, State-to-State disputes... [...]

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