Ank Santens

Arbitrator/Counsel at White & Case — 13 cases

LocationNew York City, United States

Track record

Ank Santens has been an arbitrator in at least 4 international cases known by Jus Mundi (3 Commercial Arbitration, 1 Investor-State). 0 of these cases are pending and 1 ICSID case is pending annulment.

Decisions on annulment/set-aside applications were rendered in 1 of these cases. She has been challenged in 0 case. She rendered 0 dissenting/individual opinion.

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Work experience

  • White & Case

    New York City, United States

    Jan 2008 → Present (14 yrs 10 mos)


Type of Case
Commercial Arbitration: 3
Investor-State: 1

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List of cases (4)

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Date Year of introduction or year of the first known document.
Type of Case
2017 ICC Case - ID No. 425 Commercial Arbitration Concluded (non-ISDS case) ICC Co-Arbitrator
2017 Premium Investor-State Premium ICSID Appointed by the investor
2017 Premium Commercial Arbitration Premium LCIA Sole arbitrator
2017 Premium Commercial Arbitration Premium LCIA Sole arbitrator

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