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Kéba Mbaye

Latest documents as arbitrator or judge

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Date Case Type of Case Status of Case Role
1987 Inter-State Judge
1996 Inter-State Judge Ad-hoc
1986 Inter-State Vice-President
1984 Inter-State Judge
1988 Advisory Proceedings Vice-President
2003 Inter-State President
1988 Inter-State Vice-President
1993 Investor-State Co-Arbitrator
1982 Investor-State Appointed by State
1984 Investor-State Member
1985 Inter-State Judge
1987 Advisory Proceedings Vice-President
1990 Inter-State Judge Ad-hoc
1984 Inter-State Judge
1999 Inter-State Judge Ad-hoc
1981 Investor-State Member
1982 Advisory Proceedings Judge
1984 Investor-State Member

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