Arbitrator/Judge — 23 cases


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Thomas A. Mensah has been an arbitrator or a judge in at least 23 international cases known by Jus Mundi (21 Inter-State, 1 Investor-State, 1 Other). 0 of these cases are pending and 0 ICSID case is pending annulment.

Decisions on annulment/set-aside applications were rendered in 0 of these cases. He has been challenged in 0 case. He rendered 10 dissenting/individual opinions.

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Inter-State: 21
Investor-State: 1
Other: 1

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List of cases (23)

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Date Year of introduction or year of the first known document.
Type of Case
2014 Dispute Concerning Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary between Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire in the Atlantic Ocean Inter-State Concluded ITLOS Judge Ad-hoc
2013 Premium Inter-State Premium PCA President
2013 Premium Other Premium PCA President
2013 Premium Inter-State Premium PCA President
2012 Premium Inter-State Premium ITLOS Judge Ad-hoc
2012 Premium Inter-State Premium PCA Co-Arbitrator
2009 Premium Investor-State Premium PCA Appointed by the State
2009 Premium Inter-State Premium ITLOS Judge Ad-hoc
2009 Premium Inter-State Premium PCA Appointed by the claimant
2004 Premium Inter-State Premium ITLOS Judge

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