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Legal Research

for academics

Research all legal references and get an unprecedented insight into any arbitration or international law topic or case.

Enjoy the most user-friendly interface.

  • Multilingual search engine
  • Interactive documents & treaties
  • CiteMap
  • Wiki Notes
  • My Folders
  • Access to all areas of law

Legal Intelligence

for corporate legal teams

Manage your arbitration with autonomy & efficiency. Lower your cost and save time.

Prevent risks and monitor competitors, suppliers, & clients.

  • Multilingual search engine
  • Legal & business monitoring
  • Jus Connect
  • Conflict Checker
  • Access to all areas of law
  • Dedicated account manager & unlimited training

Legal Practice

for law firms & arbitrators

Choose the right arbitrator and expert. Conduct due diligence and conflict checks in seconds.

Win the hearts of corporate clients with valuable advice.

All the Legal Research features +

  • Arbitrators & counsel filters
  • Jus Connect Search
  • Conflict Checker
  • Legal Monitoring
  • Dedicated account manager & unlimited training

Boost your access to
ICC resources

Jus Mundi and ICC want to ensure we have affordable options for everyone, no matter where you practice or your level. And if you're an ICC member, even better! You'll receive an additional 20% off as a thank you for being part of the world business organization.

ICC Dispute Resolution Library

for academics & legal professionals

Access ICC's expansive collection of dispute resolution resources right here on Jus Mundi, and let our AI-solutions do the work for you.

One location. All your essential resources.

  • Awards
  • Procedural Decisions
  • Enforcement Guide
  • Bulletins
  • Books
  • Dossiers, and more…
Jus Mundi is an indispensable tool to meet the needs of our clients! It is cost-effective and gives us access to key information to build the winning strategy.
Eduardo Silva-Romero – Co-Chair, International Arbitration Global Practice, Dechert
With Jus Mundi, our research has become more efficient. They have very helpful functions that can help in sorting out research results by matters such as applicable law, seat of arbitration, and many other possible factors. The platform’s innovative partnerships with the IBA and ICC have been a great help to us in locating hard-to-locate commercial arbitral awards worldwide. The platform’s features and functions are clearly built with users in mind. Highly recommended.
Lijun Cao - Partner, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Jus Mundi provides easy access to detailed arbitrator and counsel data in international cases. As such, it helps increase transparency in international arbitration in general and in the appointment of arbitrators in particular.
Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler – Partner, Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler
Jus Mundi is the best professional tool for international law research because of its coverage of relevant tribunals, its excellent keyword searching, the fact that it produces accurate citations at the press of a button, and also because it generates onward links to other locations where particular passages have been quoted or referred to. It is well worth the subscription.
Professor Vaughan Lowe QC – Barrister, Essex Court Chamber


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