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One stop destination for international legal research

Jus Mundi invests resources in tracking down documents from diverse sources to provide lawyers with the best research solutions.

Search engine

Never overlook an important legal reference

Traditional search engines overlook at least 20% of legal references!

explain extract 1 1 explain extract 2 2 explain extract 3 3 Powerful search engine screen
Powerful search engine screen

A powerful multilingual search engine

1. Thousands of awards have been converted from poor quality PDFs to high-quality text-searchable documents so that you never overlook an important holding.

Example pdf bad quality Search in pdf with CTRL+F
Example pdf bad quality

2. Jus Mundi's artificial intelligence has been "taught" by a team of international lawyers to identify the most relevant portions of the documents responsive to your search, beyond your keywords.

3. Set the search criteria in English or French, review the responsive results in any language.

Spend less time reviewing documents

Quickly find relevant paragraphs of decisions and awards using keywords and intuitive connectors. Expediently review relevant portions of each document paragraph by paragraph. Filters designed to assist international lawyers in sorting through documents.
New Intelligent Way jusmundi search New Intelligent Way jusmundi extract 1 New Intelligent Way jusmundi extract 2 New Intelligent Way jusmundi

Arbitrators and Lawyers filters.

Perfect your litigation strategy.

Jus Mundi is the only search engine on the market equipped with filters specific to Arbitrators and Counsel..

Review legal arguments of opposing counsel.

Evaluate experience of an arbitrator or a lawyer with specific treaties or legal concepts.

quickly identify cases

Quickly identify cases in which a particular arbitrator sat.

Research potential conflicts of interest.

Review legal reasoning of arbitrators and judges
on a particular issue.

review legals arguments

Arbitrator Analytics

Who says that arbitrator research has to be time-consuming?

Arbitrator Analytics provides statistics on an arbitrator's activity to facilitate your due diligence analysis.

statistics arbitrators

Evaluate an arbitrator's current caseload efficiently.

Consult an arbitrator's appointment history.

Assess an arbitrator's experience with types of disputes and within certain Courts/Tribunals.

Assess an arbitrator's experience in applying certain treaties in disputes.

list cases

Arbitrator Analytics also provides an interactive list of all past cases, all in one place.