General Terms of Sale and Subscription


Jus Mundi (“Jus Mundi” or “we”) is an international legal search engine using artificial intelligence to make international law and arbitration more transparent and accessible worldwide.

Jus Mundi proposes on the Website specific services, available to those Users that have taken out the free trial period or one of the time-limited subscriptions proposed by Jus Mundi (the “Deliveries”).

These General Terms of Sale and Subscription (the “Terms of Subscription”) are a contract between Jus Mundi and the person, company, organization or entity who subscribes to one of the subscription offers proposed by Jus Mundi in order to have access to the Deliveries (a “Customer” or “you”). These Terms of Subscription define the rights and obligations of the Customer and Jus Mundi towards each other.

Taking out of a Subscription and access to the Deliveries provided by Jus Mundi implies full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of these Terms of Subscription as well as of the General Terms of Use of the Website (the “Terms of Use”).

1. Definition of the Deliveries

Jus Mundi makes available on the Website a package of dedicated contents, benefits, services, and software (the “Deliveries”) to the Customers, provided they have a valid and on-going Subscription. The Deliveries are distinct from the Services which are available to all Users on the Website. The description of the Deliveries may be consulted on the Website or be provided on request by Jus Mundi.

2. Account

The creation of an “Account” requires the communication of certain information, which are collected and stored according to the terms in Article 10 of the Terms of Use and detailed in our Privacy Charter.

As the information provided are used for billing purposes for our Deliveries, you agree to provide us with accurate and reliable information, and to keep them up to date through your Account administration page. We reserve the right to suspend your Account and access to the Deliveries without compensation or refund if you are found to be in breach of this rule. Registration under a false name, impersonation and registration with false contact details, generic contact details or with a false professional status are strictly prohibited.

Your Account is strictly personal and individual, in particular to ensure the relevance and personalization of our Deliveries. Consequently, you agree to create only one Account, to use the Deliveries personally and to never allow a third party to use them in your place or on your behalf, unless you bear full responsibility for them. We reserve the right to suspend your Account and access to the Deliveries without compensation or refund if it is found that you are in breach of this rule, particularly in view of abnormally high use of our Deliveries.

Similarly, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login details, including your password. You must contact us immediately if you notice that your Account has been used without your knowledge, in which case we are free to take all appropriate measures to restore the integrity of your Account. Any use of your Account following identification using your password will be deemed to have been made by you and will be your responsibility, unless you have previously notified us of a potential connection anomaly.

3. Subscription

Jus Mundi proposes to the Users of the Website to take out subscriptions which give access to the Deliveries (the “Subscriptions”). The price, duration, and conditions of the Subscriptions proposed by Jus Mundi are available on request from Jus Mundi.

Any Subscription will be governed by the provisions of the Subscription Order, these Terms of Subscription and the Terms of Use of the Website – in this order of priority – and by taking out a Subscription, a Customer shall be deemed to have accepted them.

Upon taking out a Subscription with Jus Mundi, a Customer shall automatically be granted one or several individual Account(s) depending on the options chosen in the Subscription Order, unless the Customer already has a validated Account with Jus Mundi.

The Customer may choose in the Subscription Order to have or give access to the Deliveries to its own users (employees, students, lawyers) automatically with an IP address recognition and/or by creating individual accounts. The Customer acknowledges that the use of its Account or of its IP address, will be necessary to access the Deliveries, in particular the personalization features that are accessible only through an individual account.

Any User accessing the Website after having identified oneself, using an Account related to a valid and on-going Subscription, or a trial period, with Jus Mundi, shall be considered as a “Customer” for the purpose of these Terms of Subscription.

4. Subscription Terms and Conditions

With your account, you can activate a free trial of the Deliveries. This trial is non-renewable, and you are allowed to create only one Trial Account before taking a Subscription.

Subscriptions are always for a time-limited period, with such time-limit (the “Term”) being specified on the Subscription Order. On the expiration of its Term, a Subscription shall be automatically renewed for a new Term of equal duration unless either Jus Mundi or the Customer notifies the other party of its decision not to renew the Subscription, with a one (1) month prior notice for yearly Subscription and at any time for monthly Subscriptions.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, there shall be no automatic renewal of a Subscription if:

The conditions of a Subscription may vary depending on the Customer, its activities and the number of Accounts included in the Subscription.

The prices invoiced to the Customer are those in force on the date when the Subscription comes into effect, net of all applicable discounts, as stated in the subscription form.

Jus Mundi reserves the right, at its discretion and depending on the terms of which Jus Mundi will be the only judge, of proposing promotional offers or discounts.

5. Modifications to the Deliveries

Jus Mundi constantly tries to improve and update the Services and the Deliveries. To do so, Jus Mundi expressly reserves the right to modify the conditions of access and use of the Website, the nature and content of the Services and the Deliveries, and the prices and conditions of the Deliveries.

In case of any modification to the nature and content of the Deliveries or in case of any modification to the condition of access and use of the Website, that fundamentally and detrimentally changes the nature of or the rights granted in the Deliveries, Jus Mundi undertakes to notify the Customer with a thirty (30) days prior notice by email to the Account email or the email provided in the order form.

Customer shall then have the possibility to terminate, without any liability, its Subscription on the date of effect of such modification and Jus Mundi shall refund the Customer for the unused portion of the Subscription’s Term, if any. If the Subscription has not been terminated by the time the modification comes into effect, then the Customer shall be deemed to have given its full acceptance to the modification.

In case of a modification to the prices and conditions of the Deliveries, such modification shall not apply to the Customer during the Term of the on-going Subscription. After the Term, the Customer remains free to terminate its Subscription if it does not accept the change in rates. Otherwise, the Customer is deemed to have accepted the new rates.

6. Payments Conditions

Payments of invoices issued by Jus Mundi, in relation to the Subscription, shall be made upon receipt of the invoice at the beginning of the Term by bank transfer, direct debit from the credit card number or SEPA direct debit according to the method of payment chosen by the Customer.

Jus Mundi will not retain the bank details of the Customer. Only the payment provider keeps such details throughout the duration of the Subscription.

The Customer agrees to inform the commercial department of Jus Mundi of any change in the information provided during his/her subscription request including billing and bank details or credit card numbers.

7. Payments Delays and Incidents

In case of delay or incident of payment, a late payment interest will be payable, calculated on the basis of three times the legal interest rate in force the day of the order and a lump sum indemnity for recovery costs of forty (40) euros.

The Customer is informed that any delay in payment of all or part of any amount at the due date may lead, without prior notice, to the total or partial suspension of his or her Account and access to the Deliveries until payment in full.

Furthermore, any rejection of payment orders will authorize Jus Mundi to invoice the Customer for the corresponding bank fees and an administrative processing fee equivalent to fifteen (15) euros (inclusive of all taxes) per incident.

8. Obligations and Liability of Jus Mundi

Jus Mundi commits to the Customer to strictly respect and fulfil its obligations under the Terms of Use, and the Term of the Subscription.

Jus Mundi commits to control the functioning and the accessibility of the website on a regular basis. The help desk, limited to the use of the Deliveries, is available to the Customer by means of an online chat available on the Customer’s Account from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (Paris time).

For maintenance reasons, Jus Mundi may interrupt momentary the access to the Website, to the Services or to the Delivery, and the Customer may not claim for any damages as a result of such interruption.

Jus Mundi accepts no responsibility for a potential loss of the information and details stored in the Customer’s Account and notably in the personal space of this Account. The Customer shall safeguard a copy of all the information and details available on the Account, without being able to claim for compensation against Jus Mundi.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the Customer acknowledges that Jus Mundi’s liability under the Subscription is limited, for all direct and proven damages considered, to an amount equal to the maximum annual value of the subscription, on the date of the occurrence of the damage. Consecutive and incidental damages shall not be covered by Jus Mundi.

9. Obligations and Liability of the Customer

The Customer commits to strictly respect and fulfil its obligations according to these Terms and the obligations stated in the Terms of Use.

10. Use of the Customer’s Commercial Information

The Customer agrees to the use by Jus Mundi of the Customer’s corporate and commercial name and brand for the whole of the Term, provided that Jus Mundi shall use such name and brand solely for marketing and advertising purposes related to the Website, the Services and/or the Deliveries and shall, at all time, respect the dignity, reputation and image of the Customer. The Customer must otherwise expressly notify Jus Mundi.

11. Intellectual Property

Data and other contents provided by Jus Mundi on the Website or by using the Services and the Deliveries, including systems, software, structures, infrastructures, databases and contents of all kinds directly or by means of a license granted by a third party, are protected by the copyright and the database rights’ laws, including but not limited to the provisions of the French Code of intellectual property. The access to the data and other contents provided by Jus Mundi on the Website or by using the Services and the Deliveries does not entail any transfer of property rights of any kind for the benefit of the User.

Open Law is one of our core values and we do not claim any intellectual property rights over the original versions of legal texts and court decisions that we consider to be a public good. However, we have developed our own algorithms and dedicated significant resources to structure these documents, extract metadata, add hyperlinks in these texts, etc. The improved versions of these documents are therefore protected by the copyright and the database rights’ law. In addition, we provide links to doctrinal commentaries that may be held by third parties, of which we only include titles and first lines on the Website when they are accessible.

Users shall refrain from any use of the Services and the Deliveries for purposes other than purely documentary, just as it is prohibited to publish, broadcast, transmit or sell, in any manner and commercial use, the data and other contents provided by Jus Mundi on the Website or by using the Services and the Deliveries and, more generally, to violate directly, indirectly or through third parties, agents or collaborators, in any manner, the rights held by Jus Mundi on these data and other contents except in case of express and prior authorization given by Jus Mundi. However, Users are entitled to cite and/or share the Website’s content provided that (i) Users shall always quote Jus Mundi and, to the extent possible, add a link which leads to the Website’s content quoted and (ii) Users does not use the Website’s content for commercial purposes. You cannot, under any circumstances, make any reproduction, extraction or reusing, of qualitatively or quantitatively substantial parts of the content of the database, as well as from any repeated and systematic extraction or reusing of qualitatively or quantitatively substantial parts of the content of the database.

The obligations contained herein shall apply throughout the duration of the intellectual property rights of Jus Mundi and to all countries, including after the termination of browsing on the Website.

We encourage you to give us feedback, comments or suggestions and we will do our best to implement them as we see fit and without any obligation to you. We might use such feedback in order to promote the Website.

12. Termination

Jus Mundi reserves the right to terminate the Subscription and to remove the Customer access to the Customer’s account if the Customer breaches one of the obligations of these Terms and might suspend the access to the Deliveries if the Customer fails to pay any amount owed to Jus Mundi under the Subscription.

13. Dispute Settlings

Jus Mundi prioritizes, in any case, amicable resolution prior to any lawsuit.

These Terms of Subscription are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute concerning the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these Terms of Subscription, the parties agree that the courts of Paris shall have exclusive jurisdiction to judge them unless mandatory rules of procedure provide otherwise.

14. Updates

Jus Mundi may revise these Terms of Subscription from time to time, it being provided that the most current version will always be posted on the Website. Any modification will be subject to information on the Website by means of an information banner placed for a period of thirty (30) days before the entry into force of the new Terms.

15. Entry into Force

The present Terms of Subscription have entered into force on 23 April 2020 for new users, and on 23 May 2020 for users who already had an account before that date.