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Avocats, autres représentants, expert(s), secrétaire du tribunal

    Judgment of Argentina's Supreme Court of Justice


    Having reviewed the record in the case: “Aguinda Salazar, Maria et al. v. Chevron Corporation re: exequatur and recognition of foreign judgment.”


    The Court rules as follows:

    The extraordinary appeal is inadmissible (Art. 280 of the National Civil and Commercial Code of Procedure).

    In light ofthe social distancing safety measures ordered by national authorities, Judge Lorenzetti signs this decision in the city of Rafaela, province of Santa Fe, and Judge Rosatti signs in the city of Santa Fe, province of the same name. 


    Consequently, the extraordinary appeal is denied. The petitioners are ordered to pay costs (Art. 68, first sentence, of the above Code). Notify the parties and remand.

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