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Avocats, autres représentants, expert(s), secrétaire du tribunal

Procedural Order No. 5


The previous Procedural Orders;
Respondent’s letter of 24 February 2004, submitting a Request for the Production of Documents (of which a courtesy English translation was filed on 27 February 2004);
Claimant’s letter of 3 March 2004 in response to Respondent’s request, as directed by the Tribunal by letter of 27 February 2004;
Respondent’s letter of 4 March 2004 in response to Claimant’s letter of 3 March 2004;
The written submissions of the Parties subsequent to the Tribunal’s ruling on Respondent’s request for the production of documents in its Procedural Order No. 3;
Article 24(3) of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, according to which at any time during the arbitral proceedings the Arbitral Tribunal may require the parties to produce documents, exhibits or other evidence within such period of time as the Tribunal shall determine;

The Arbitral Tribunal hereby decides as follows:

Respondent’s Request I (Game Specifications) set forth in its letter of 24 February 2004 is denied.
Claimant is ordered to produce the documents identified in Requests II.A (Messrs. Oien and Ong), last paragraph, and II.B (Messrs. Aspe and Arroyo), last paragraph, of Respondent’s letter of 24 February 2004, by submitting copies to the Respondent and the Arbitral Tribunal on or before Friday 19 March 2004.
The time limit for filing the Statement of Rejoinder by Respondent, mentioned in paragraph 7.2(d) of Order No. 1 (as subsequently amended), is extended until Thursday 1 April 2004 so that Respondent will be able to comment on the documents produced by Claimant under the present Order in the Statement of Rejoinder.
The date of notification of the witnesses, mentioned in paragraph 7.2(e) of Order No. 1 (as subsequently amended), is extended until Tuesday 6 April 2004.
The schedule of the proceedings is maintained in all other respects.
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